About Hemed Properties

Hemed Properties is a leading boutique real estate office. The goal of the office is to provide assistance, consulting and investments in real estate, for the residents of Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

Hemed Properties was founded in 2008 by Kobi Hemed, who started his real estate career in 2005 as a sales manager in Remax. Kobi has trained over 80 real estate agents throughout the years.

The office provides assistance in selling houses and luxury apartments, purchasing houses, renting apartments and offers consulting for real estate investors in Jerusalem and all of Israel.

The uniqueness of Hemed Properties – is first and far most the quality of the people (the agents) who are a part of the office. We are aware of the fact that purchasing or selling an apartment is a significant step in a person’s or a family’s life, and so, the process can be extremely stressful. In light of this, it is important for us to put an emphasis on the needs of the clients and to listen with great sensitivity, providing guidance and personal care all throughout the process, acting as the mainstay of the deal.

We believe in self development, full transparency, providing professional consult, high standard listening, integrity, credibility, determination and perseverance, all which are the milestones in the success of the real estate agents in our office.

Today our office includes 6 real estate agents; each one specializes in a particular area of expertise.

Hemed Properties has set a goal to be the lead in the field of residential real estate in the Jerusalem area, and therefore is in continuous process of development and growth.

Hemed Properties offers a real estate course and every agent undergoes professional training.

The office provides our clients with the best professionals in the field of real estate, such as attorneys, architects, mortgage consultants, financial advice, renovation contractors and more…  With our help a deal can be closed under one rooftop – a one stop shop.

Hemed Properties has a unique marketing plan for selling an apartment, adapted personally to each client according to his needs and property. Hemed Properties also has an optimal filter for buyers, enabling them to reach properties that are suitable for their needs and prevents the waste of precious time.

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