Luxury Apartments / Properties

Luxury Apartments / Properties

Hemed Properties has a department which handles purchase and sale of luxury apartments in Jerusalem.

Handling of luxury properties is complex, requiring a different process for us, as property consultants, for the seller and for the buyer; here is a list of our activities –

For selling a property:

  1. Conduct a comparative market analysis for the property offered for sale, in order to realistically price it on the market. Comparative market analysis is based on these 3 parameters:
  2. Real estate trends in the residential area / neighborhood over the past two years – macro
  3. Review of similar properties recently sold in that residential area.
  4. Specific attention to property features: area, outdoors area, condition, location, view, floor, any particular features etc. – Micro
  5. Creating a buyer profile for the property offered for sale – in order to efficiently sell a luxury apartment, we first specify the potential buyer, their age range, community, current residence, educational institute of family members, place of worship (for a religious buyer) – to be used for marketing the property.
  6. Marketing the property to foreign residents – American, French and British, using digital media
  7. Marketing the property to foreign residents – American, French and British using newspapers / magazines to which the target audiences have exposure
  8. Marketing the property to foreign residents using specialized real estate magazines
  9. Promotion, financed promotion on Google to the buyer profile specified in advance
  10. Marketing on Facebook, using selection criteria for the appropriate buyer profile for the property
  11. Marketing the property on the Hemed Properties website, in Hebrew and in English – a highly responsive website using state-of-the-art technology and links to Whatsapp and to Facebook
  12. Marketing to to local target audience – using digital media and the press – based on the appropriate buyer profile for the property.

For buying a property:

  1. We review the buyer’s needs, in physical and mental aspects, to match them with the right property.
  2. We conduct an extensive review of all luxury apartments matching the property profile sought by the buyer and co-ordinate a property visit, to save time and hassle for both buyer and seller
  3. We assist the buyer in contacting a mortgage bank, mortgage consultant, providing advice in the buyer’s own language
  4. We assist the buyer as needed in contacting a real estate appraiser, engineer, architect, interior designer etc.
  5. We match the buyer with an attorney based on the buyer’s language and nature.

For transaction closing:

  1. The mentality of foreign residents, American, British and French, completely differs from that of Israelis and from one another; we bridge over gaps of mentality and communication between the parties, for the transaction to be completed
  2. In absence of clear, correct communication between the parties, the transaction would not be completed
  3. We bridge between the parties’ attorneys
  4. We assist the buyer and seller until the purchase and sale agreement is signed and support the transaction thereafter
  5. The firm owner, Kobi Hemed, is an expert negotiator with 13 years’ experience as a realtor, having successfully completed hundreds of transactions.
  6. Before the transaction is brought before the attorneys to create a purchase and sale agreement, we co-ordinate a meeting with the buyer, informing them of all expenses associated with buying a luxury apartment, such as: purchase tax, realtor’s fee, attorney, engineer, refurbishment of the property etc. – in order for the buyer to be clear about all of the purchase expenses.
  7. If the buyer requires a mortgage, we make sure they have a written approval in principle for the required amount, in order to ensure that the transaction would be completed and to avoid any unpleasantness between the parties.